Harmonious Listing Community

TradeCasa is a model of synergy and opportunity, designed to facilitate the needs of for sale by owners and real estate professionals.

We believe that an effective real estate trading platform is a harmonious global listing community represented by both real estate agents and private vendors (For Sale by Owners), without discrimination. We stand for consumer choice, where every homeowner has the right to use an agent or to represent their own sale/rental and sell commission-free. We also believe that real estate agents, equally, reserve the right to pursue an exclusive sale. Saving on commission-splitting with other buyers' agents, while maximizing earnings on every listing.

Our for sale by owner community is driven by the do it yourself spirit, eager to put in the effort to save thousands in commission fees.

TradeCasa is geared to support every willing homeowner with all the tools and marketing services required to successfully sell commission-free! While most of our for sale by owner community is determined to sell on their own, our business model opens the doors to those who "just want to give it a try" before going the traditional route. With economical listing options and no string attached, there is absolutely zero risk in trying. Our for sale by owner package options offer the most comprehensive tools and marketing in the industry.

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Our community prevails and thrives thanks to real estate sales professionals. We recognize their tireless work to satisfy their clients needs.

Operating within a highly competitive environment where countless hours of work and dollars are spent towards marketing and client acquisition, real estate agents are the backbone of our harmonious listing community. Our professional service options are designed to promote exclusivity with sales and marketing tools specifically tailored to those who work in the industry. Offering unprecedented global marketing exposure that is highly effective, yet simple to integrate into any existing marketing plan. Ranging from free service options to inexpensive unlimited premium listing plans.

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Thousands of buyers, searching unique listings that are often not found elsewhere. Our buyer community is the beating heart of TradeCasa.

Perhaps, the most critical part of our community. Buyers are a part of everything that we do at TradeCasa! Represented from coast to coast, across all of USA and Canada, our buyer community is diverse, confident, and eager to find their dream home or rental property. TradeCasa has been designed from the ground up with the diversity of every buyer in mind. Offering a superbly simple, yet highly comprehensive browsing experience on our website, offering real estate inventory that is often not found anywhere else. Providing effective buyers tools to complete the transaction exclusively and with confidence!