Buying Made Simple And Pleasant

Every listing on TradeCasa is either represented by the homeowner or a listing agent, clearly marked as “For Sale By Owner” or “For Sale By Agent”.

If you are interested in a property listed on TradeCasa please contact the ad publisher directly by email or phone, for more information or to setup a showing. Be sure to take advantage of our offer proposal tool. You will find a green button on each listing displayed as “Propose Offer”. This simple tool allows you to communicate directly with the selling agent or private vendor on the merits of your potential offer. Not to worry: anything you propose here is non-binding until you enter into a formal contract with the seller/agent. Last but not least, if you are buying without an agent ALWAYS consult your real estate lawyer before entering into any contracts or forwarding money.

If you are a private buyer looking to purchase or rent property without an agent, we encourage you to work directly with the vendor or listing agent.

Avoiding the use of a buyer’s agent will allow you to experience a more pleasant and simple real estate transaction. Listings on TradeCasa are often priced more competitively in order to reflect the savings in commission that vendors/agents are working to achieve. Using an agent to buy or rent a home from TradeCasa may often result in a higher purchase price to pay in order to cover your representing intermediary. Some listings on TradeCasa are sold/rented on an exclusive basis only, meaning that the seller will not cooperate with your agent. These listings are clearly marked as “Exclusive Sale”.

Additional tips for buyers

Buyer’s Agents are always welcome on TradeCasa! Many for sale by owners and selling agents are willing to cooperate with Buyer’s Agents.

If you are a Buyer’s Agent or if you have already committed to using a Buyer’s Agent to purchase a home, you may be obligated to use their professional services to buy from TradeCasa. We discourage all buyers from ever violating their legal responsibility to their Agents that they have committed to buying a home. Many of the listings on TradeCasa are willing to cooperate within buyer’s agency unless a listing is marked as “Exclusive Sale”. Buyer’s Agents are encouraged to negotiate a reasonable commission with the private vendor or seller’s agent prior to showing the property to their client.