Eager to Deliver Media Content

At TradeCasa we understand the deadline pressures that journalists deal with. We strive to accommodate all media requests in the most reasonable amount of time.

We greatly value the coverage we receive in print media, radio, television, and other online news outlets. We are always ready and happy to accommodate your requests to comment on numerous real estate related topics, sometimes with funny and witty jokes as well as with important facts and figures relevant to your audience market. Click here to send your media request.

Our Spokesperson
Martin Rygiel (Download Picture)

Martin is a seasoned real estate expert and business entrepreneur, currently acting CEO at TradeCasa. With over 20 years of real estate experience, Rygiel, co-founded one of the largest and most successful flat-fee real estate networks in the world, later sold to Yellow Pages. He has coached and mentored hundreds of Realtors and homeowners in developing skills and strategy to effectively sell real estate. Rygiel has been published in numerous media outlets such as the NY times, Washington Post, Financial Post and Toronto Star in Canada. His stories and contributions included diverse radio and televisions shows focusing on a variety of real estate related topics. Other journal publications included various life-style and do it yourself magazines and publications. Rygiel, is a visionary in the real estate world and oversees all operational and development matters at TradeCasa today.

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