Distinguished From The Rest

Built on a foundation of transparency, driven by fair marketing practices, TradeCasa remains highly distinguished from all other marketing platforms.

Unprecedented value and transparency best defines our marketing service options and sales practices. With countless years of experience in the industry and ongoing development by the world’s most distinguished marketing experts, we deliver the most powerful and honest open real estate network in the industry. There is no hidden agenda or unexpected surprises – we pay it forward everyday to ensure our client’s success. Our profitability is not our focus but rather a derivative of our values and remarkable customer experience.

Widely known services, the likes of companies and brands that we choose not to directly mention, offer free listing opportunities that come at a remarkable hidden cost.

Attracting thousands of unaware homeowners and agents, creating free ads from which millions are made. The hidden agenda is PPC or Pay Per Click. Listing ads display contact information, not of the homeowner or selling agent, but of the highest bidding agent. Agents which have nothing to do with a the listing, place large bids of money per click to appear as the primary contact on the ad. Unaware buyers do not hesitate to contact the bidding agent, entering into agency agreements to buy or rent the property. Exposing for sale by owners and listing agents to paying thousands in commission fees.

Many so-called low-cost flat-fee platforms use a variety of dirty tactics to drive their bottom line while others limit real estate agents from advertising.

They tell you the services are commission-free, only to learn that you need to use their services to buy in order to realize the savings. Some offer competitive pricing to list, but you quickly learn that a few hundred dollars turns into thousands once they begin to upsell you on everything else. Commonly known as bait-and-switch, numerous other services limit listing agents from advertising. Allowing themselves the opportunity to manipulate for sale by owners into their own internal agency representation. Such services are designed to fail so that they can steer their clients into using a preferred agent employed by the company.

TradeCasa offers the most comprehensive, transparent, and effective real estate marketing options in the industry, with no strings attached.

What you see is what you get! Creating a basic listing is simple and effective. It does not matter if you are an agent or for sale by owner, or whether you are looking to sell or to rent, our listing packages offer incredible marketing exposure to help you achieve your goals. Once you sell/rent, simply delete your ad – that is all we ask. If you require more marketing exposure, our premium service options offer increased visibility, for sale signs, and additional sales tools and resources. No matter what listing option you choose, we will provide you with our dedicated support any time you need it.

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