10 Tips for Taking Great Real Estate Photos

By TradeCasa Team

An online photo showcase will likely create the very first impression on your potential buyers. We would like to share some important tips on how you can take the very best real estate photos.

A real estate photo showcase can literally make or break your sale. It is imperative that your sale shows at its very best online to entice buyers to view the property in person. It is here that you may wish to invest some money and hire a professional real estate photographer, however, today’s camera equipment and mobile devices can also render professional results. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to create your own for sale by owner photo showcase that will show your home at its very best. Here are 10 tips to help you take the very best real estate pictures.

1. Clean and Declutter

Although, this may seem like simple common sense, you would be surprised how often a home photo showcase reveals clutter and general poor upkeep of a property. So, before you start taking your pictures, be sure that all surfaces are clean, beds are made, countertops are cleared of bulky appliances, the gardens are manicured, and the home is staged and ready for showing.

2. Always Use Wide Angle Lens or Settings

It is critical to capture a wide perspective of your space. This allows to you to showcase all the important elements and features in each room while offering a greater sense of depth and space. Most of the newer cellphones offer fantastic wide-angle perspectives, be sure to check your settings! You may also purchase a wide-angle lens kit for your phone or camera online.

3. Cell Phones Can Do the Trick

The most recent iPhones and Android devices have outstanding photo capabilities, allowing you to shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range) modes, take wide angle pictures as well as manually adjust the shutter speed on your camera. If your mobile device has such features, you should be able to capture stunning images without having to invest into a digital SLR camera.

4. Be Sure to Use a Tripod

Regardless of what equipment you may be using, mobile phone or camera, a tripod will allow you take advantage of adjusting your shutter speed on your device manually. Your camera will capture stunning images in natural light and at night but will now require a steady hand. Tripods are cheap and can be purchased for cell phones as well, available in many varieties on Amazon.

5. Angle to Capture Space and Natural Light

Buyers are most often attracted to open spaces and natural light. So always position yourself facing and capturing natural light elements such as windows, while remaining at the furthest distance possible to capture most of the room. In the example below the camera was positioned in the doorway of the bedroom.

6. Pay Attention to Detail

It is those small things that can easily ruin your perfect shot and even turn away buyers. You may have the perfect room, décor and angle, yet there is the kitty litter, crumpled bed spread, hanging clothes, or toilet seat left open. Always check and double check every detail before you take your shot.

7. Capture the Lifestyle

Allowing buyers to feel what it may be like to live in your home will offer a greater emotional perspective and desire to view the home in person. Be sure to capture several lifestyle shots. Perhaps, some plants in the garden superimposed on a sprawling yard, or the dinning room table setup with china and ready for entertaining.

8. Capture the Outdoors from the Inside

Be sure to capture photos from the inside that show any special exterior features such as a nicely landscaped sprawling yard, natural sceneries, patios, or swimming pools. This will offer buyers a great perspective of living within the captured space.

9. Nighttime Can Be Stunning

Certain rooms and elements of a home can represent themselves even better at night. This may include exterior photos which showcase nighttime lighting, but also interior shots that offer a warmer and cozier perspective. The goal here is to showcase the lighting so be sure to flip the switch on all the lights.

10. Select Only the Best Photos

Although, on TradeCasa we do not limit the number of photos you can post, your goal should always be to only showcase the very best features of the property. Sometimes less is more, so leave some elements for the buyer to discover when they visit the property for a showing. Avoid, taking repetitive photos of the same room, for bedrooms one shot is enough, kitchens sand living rooms may require more. Finally, avoid utility rooms, laundry rooms or closets, unless they have outstanding features or upgrades.