Home Inspections Can Save You Money

By TradeCasa Team

A home inspection prior to selling may help avoid frustration and save you money. The number one deal killer is finding out there is a major flaw with your home when the contract is on the table.

A typical offer on your property will most likely have a condition of a home inspection. In most cases a home does not pass or fail but the report reveals important information about the internal workings of your home, allowing you to better price and understand what you are selling. It is here, during the final negotiation stages, that the buyer may use this report to further negotiate your selling price. The number one deal killer is finding out there is a flaw with your home when the contract is on the table. This means that if the inspection uncovers any major issues the offer may be withdrawn. Most importantly obtaining estimates and values to repair such flaws, last minute, will often result in much higher estimates driving your final sale price down or killing your deal all together.

Obtaining a home inspection prior to selling your home may help you avoid frustration and save money! It will allow you to correct any minor flaws before the offer stage, and you can have the inspector return (in most cases free of charge) to update the report once the problems are corrected. Having the luxury of time, you will be able to fix any flaws at a much lower cost or even carry out the repairs on your own. If the report reveals major flaws that you cannot easily correct or do not wish to perform, you will be able to obtain several estimates from contractors ahead of time. Keeping these estimates in your back pocket for the time when the final inspection is performed, and final negotiations take place. Best of all, if your home has a clean inspection, you may use the report as a sales tool and share it with your prospects as they come to view your property. Driving more interest and a higher selling price.

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