How To Sell An Empty Home

By TradeCasa Team

Selling an empty home does not have to put you at a disadvantage – in fact it is an opportunity to spark the imagination of your buyer. Here is some good advice how to sell an empty home.

We must always try to put ourselves in a buyer’s perspective: what is a typical buyer looking for, and how can we make our property most appealing to everyone? It is a proven fact that when buying a home, most buyers are using the emotional part of their brain. It is also that part of our mind that processes creativity and imagination. When we view a home for the first time, we immediately begin to picture ourselves living within said space: imagining where our office may be, where the kids will play, and where and how we will entertain our family and friends.

A furnished, well-staged home leaves less to the imagination, but has the capacity to suggest and positively impress all of the above. Assuming a clean and neutral presentation, the home will also remain highly appealing to a much wider audience. In general, a well-staged home will be remarkably more impressive than an empty shell. However, it is very rare for a home in which the homeowner has lived for many years to be perfectly staged.

When it comes to our living space, our tastes are always vastly different. Over time, elements of comfort and utility are often more important than image. This is often revealed by stark colors throughout the home, bulky furniture, and plush area rugs that have nothing to do with your sale. A space that is furnished with so called “comfort furniture” (a.k.a. bulky furniture) often appears smaller and leaves little room for the imagination. Drastic non-neutral colors may only appeal to a small group of buyers, leaving out the rest to pass. Your collection of family photos or other artwork on the walls has no personal meaning to buyers, thereby only creating a sense of clutter. It is here that the homeowner should make every possible effort to declutter, clean and neutralize the space. This is often a very time-consuming and expensive process, but will pay for itself in the end!

An empty space is an empty shell, allowing the opportunity for the buyer’s imagination to run wild. Being void of all furniture and personal belongings, the home will always appear to be larger and sometimes even brighter. However, it is not as simple as that. If you are selling an empty home, you must now take the time to repair/paint any blemishes that are now revealed throughout the home. In an empty space, damage to walls and floors that may have once been concealed by your personal belongings become the focal point of your property. It is of critical importance that you tend to all such repairs. Keep in mind that painting offers the single greatest return on investment. Painting an empty home is so much easier, so take the time to do so, especially in neutral, bright colors. When in doubt, spend a hundred bucks and hire a staging consultant – they are always great to point out the best selection of colors and quick improvements.

In conclusion, selling an empty home is not necessarily less appealing to a buyer, provided that you take the time to make the proper cosmetic home improvements. An empty home will leave everything up to the imagination of your buyer, so give them a truly clean and neutral slate! Here are some additional great tips for staging your home: 3 Tips For Staging Your Home