How We Make Money

By Martin Rygiel

December 11, 2019

We want to take this opportunity to address the question that we get most often. How do you make money? We are happy to share our business model with everyone!

You’ve asked for it, and in the spirit of transparency we are happy to disclose how we make a living at TradeCasa! Yet, to be perfectly candid, our revenue model is purely based on the above notion. Transparency combined with respect and value!

Let us start with the idea of respect and what we also like to call “harmony”. Above all, TradeCasa remains distinguished from all others when it comes to respect and harmony. Our marketing platform is open to both real estate agents and private homeowners (FSBO’s). We do not discriminate against either and believe that real estate professionals offer tremendous value in the industry. We also believe that every homeowner has a right to sell on their own or by using an agent. Most importantly, we believe that both for sale by owners and real estate agents have a right to preserve commission and their earnings. Our marketing features are specifically tailored to ensure the greatest success for all, while offering self help buyers’ tools to promote an exclusive/commission free transaction.

TradeCasa is built on transparency from the ground up. Our listings are clearly defined as to who is selling or representing, agent or homeowner. There is no hidden agenda or translucent money-making formula, every listing displays the owner’s/agent’s contact information front and centre. We do not sell pay per click marketing, as many services do, to the highest bidder to appear as the primary contact on a listing. Our marketing packages are easy to understand and are geared for success not failure. Similar services, will often offer free/paid listing packages that are designed to fail in order to rope in the vendor into their own internal listing agency, while prohibiting real estate agents to advertise on their platform all together. At TradeCasa, what you see is what you get!

Combing all the above with “Value” results in a high-volume listing/marketing platform with thousands of satisfied customers! Our entry level package is free, although, it offers a tremendous amount of marketing horsepower and sales tools, certain features are not available. This includes things such as improved web visibility, analytics, signs and additional sales tools and resources. These premium services are restricted to our paid premium packages. As many of our clients see the value in our paid options, this ultimately drives our revenues and sustainability. Regardless of which package option you choose, paid or free, at TradeCasa we treat everyone the same and extend our gratitude for being a part of our harmonious real estate community!