Writing an Effective FSBO Real Estate Ad

By TradeCasa Team

Using the proper descriptive language and key words can make your online advertisement much more appealing to any buyer. Those first impressions always matter the most.

You do not have to be a skilled writer to write a great real estate sales description. But you do have to be accurate, to the point, and not be afraid to give it your own personality. By describing the aspects of the property that you enjoyed the most and using key messages and language that will captivate your audience, you will ensure that your online prospect will spend more time exploring your listing. A great way to start writing your description is to brainstorm all the features first and then put it all together. Here are some additional tips to help you get started.

1. Capture the Audience at Opening

Your opening language or headline is the most important part of your description. It is here that you make the first impression and ensure that the audience continues to read further. You must make it captivating! Here is an example of a poor and good opening sentence Poor: “Two story 4 bedroom home professionally updated throughout with large well landscaped yard” Good: “You will love this delightful two-story home, fashioned in old world charm with modern updates while enjoying breathtaking views of the sprawling gardens.”

2. Talk About the Primary

Describe specific features of the property, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, lot size, interior and exterior upgrades, recent updates, extras such as pools, hot tubs, patios, any other exterior features. Be sure to mention any benefits related to the property location as well as nearby amenities such as schools, shopping, etc.

3. Specify Any Inclusions

If you are including appliances or any other movable items of value, be sure to let your prospects know.

4. Use Descriptive Language

To capture your reader be sure to use highly descriptive words. These are feel good words such as Appealing, Captivating, Cherished, Classic, Delightful, Distinctive, Exquisite, Flawless, Impeccable, Luxurious, Splendid, Traditional, Unique, and Unsurpassed

5. Include a Call to Action

As a part of your closing statement in your description use simple statement that imply a call to action. Such as, give us a call to view, come visit for a friendly showing, perhaps you are highly motivated to sell, give your prospect an idea of what to do next.