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Commission-Free For Sale By Owner Listing Packages

Sell your own home with confidence and experience the reward!

Deciding which route to take when selling your home, can be a difficult decision. If you are looking to save thousands in realty fees, selling on your own should be an easy choice. But not so fast..

At TradeCasa we believe that selling your own home FSBO “For Sale By Owner” means no commissions period.

The FSBO industry offers countless ways to help you sell. But many so called FSBO options are even less favorable than using a traditional agent.

Flat fee MLS® is perhaps the most deceiving, leaving you to do all the work while paying an upfront listing cost plus a surprise buyer’s agency commission in the end. Other FSBO service providers forward your listing inquiries to local buyer’s agents, resulting in calls mostly from agents, and/or charge thousands in up front costs.

TradeCasa is the only FSBO service provider in USA & Canada that offers true commission free results! Hosting thousands of homes for sale & rent across North America. Combining an exclusive online marketplace with powerful network media campaigns to attract buyers without the agents. Resulting in the highest commission-free success rate in the FSBO industry. Over 12,000 homes sold without any buyer’s or seller’s agency commissions!

Creating your listing is simple, no complicated contracts or strings attached. Select from one of three affordable listing options, upload your photos, description and install your TradeCasa for sale or for rent sign in the ground.

Rest assured you are never alone in the process. We offer some of the most comprehensive sales tools and resources in the For Sale By Owner industry, including live sales coaching support, to help you sell with total confidence! Commission-Free!!

The Leading FSBO Network

map of homes for sale in USA and Canada

Powerful Online Marketplace

Thousands of homes for sale & rent from coast to coast in USA & Canada attracting millions of buyers without agency each year.

computer screen showing home for sale and for sale by owner sign

Exclusive FSBO Marketing

TradeCasa’s marketplace combined with outdoor marketing signs and exclusive network media campaigns for true commission-free results.

computer screen showing real estate tools

Sales Tools & Resources

The most effective and easy to use sales tools and resources in the industry, designed to help you sell or rent with confidence!

people hugging and celebrating the sale of their home

Industry-Leading Success

The highest commission-free success rate in the FSBO sales! Over 12,000 homes sold without buyer’s or seller’s agency commissions!

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For Sale By Owner Packages

Join TradeCasa’s leading commission-free network and experience true for sale by owner success!

Please select from 1 of 3 For Sale By Owner package listing options below. We encourage you to consider our Premium Plus option for the very best chances of success.

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